CORONAVIRUS UPDATE. As long as official regulations allow, you can continue to walk outside for daily exercise (staying a safe distance from others), unless have had a positive test result or are showing symptoms. So for most people using the park for exercise is fine if you keep moving and stay at least 2m from others. Joggers please stay at least 3m from others, as you are inhaling and exhaling unusually hard and shorter distancing can put yourself and others at risk. All dogs should be on leads at all times. The CAFE has reopened for takeaways unless closed down by new regulations. Please order at the first window and collect at the second. All external benches round it have been sealed off for safety, so you must consume your takeaway while walking, or take it straight home. The Facebook page with updates is here.

We regret that Art in the Park had to be cancelled last year. We are looking forward to holding it in the summer if regulations permit.