Seasonal Views of Downhills Park: Summer: Autumn; Winter; Early Spring; Late Spring

the italian gardens

                                                                                       The Italian Gardens

the hornbeam avenue

Views of the Hornbeam Avenue

Italian Gardens in autumnthe lower lawns in autumn

The Italian Gardens and the  Lower Lawns in autumn. Photos david macdonald

The Recreation Ground in AutumnThe Circle in autumn

The Recreation ground in autumn; the circle in autumn

steps in winter 2010the site of the pond in Winter 2010

The steps and pond site in winter 2010

Italian Garens Winter 2010
Palm in italian gardens


Winter snowmenFebruary snow
Snow in February, 2009. Photos David Macdonald

Snow in April -David MacdonaldWintry scene
Downhills Park on 6 April 2008. Photo David Macdonald

Park photos winter 2016 below

Cedar Lawn trees December 2016

Mist and sun in the woodMore mist and sun

the Lower Wood in March 2010the Italian Gardens in March

The Lower Wood and the Italian Gardens in March 2010 Photos Christopher Currie

The Birch Coppice in Marchthe east lawn in March

The Birch Coppice in the recreation ground, and the East Lawn in March 2010